Rollerball Recipes Booklet (10 pack)


Everyone loves rollerball recipes! We've taken 60 of our fan favorite recipes from our Rollerball Kits and added another 37 recipes on top of that!

Rollerball bottles have become the standard for convenience, portability and ease in dispensing essential oils with very little waste or mess. All recipes includes in this booklet are for 10 ml rollerball bottles unless otherwise stated.

  • A must have for all essential oil users
  • Encourage essential oil usage in a variety of ways
  • Perfect workshop door prize
  • Great incentive to persuade enrollments
  • A nice welcome gift for new downline members

    Our Kits + Your Oils

    This handy 28 page booklet contains 97 of our rollerball recipes broken down by:

    • Progeny's Potions Kids Rollerball Recipes (11 recipes)
    • Essential Perfumes Fragrance Recipes (26 recipes)
    • Rollerball Mentality Mood Management Recipes (14 recipes)
    • Essentially Well Adult Recipes (22 recipes)
    • Rollerball Skin (14 recipes)
    • Yoga & Meditation (10 recipes)

    Get the 60 matching rollerball labels for the majority of these fantastic recipes at:

    Progeny's Potions | Essential Perfumes | Rollerball Mentality | Essentially Well | Rollerball Skin | Yoga & Meditation

    Buy in bulk and gift to your downline or give to someone you think may be interested in various way to use oils. Those new to using essential oils as well as seasoned oilers will love this book and find it highly useful!


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