Reflexology Using Essential Oils Tear Sheet Pad

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The perfect combination: reflexology and essential oils!

Use this tear pad of 25 sheets as an informative supplement for an Essentially Well Make & Take event or give to those interested in essential oils to showcase their versatility and fun.

These 2-sided sheets are chock full of information:

  • Brief intro into the science of Reflexology
  • How Reflexology works
  • Brief history of Reflexology
  • Incorporating Reflexology into your daily routine
  • Benefits of Reflexology
  • Hand Reflexology Chart
  • Ear Reflexology Chart
  • Foot Reflexology Charts

Creative Ideas for Using this Tear Sheet Pad:
These can be used as a handout during an Essentially Well Make & Take workshop. This product is ideal for those wanting to utilize foot, hand or ear reflexology points into their routines. When meeting someone new interested in oils, give them a tear sheet so they can see the many benefits of using reflexology with essential oils.

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