Metal Essential Oil Key

  • Metal Essential Oil Key

Metal Essential Oil Key



No need to use a knife or ruin your fingernails trying to remove and install your essential oil reducers or rollers. These metal essential oil keys allow you to easily put in or take out any orifice reducer from most any bottle.

This video shows a variety of keys, but this key will do it all!

Pressing down on the ball inside of any rollerball insert will expand the ball housing and eventually ruin them because they housing expands and the rollerball will fall out! Now you don't need to press down on the ball to install your rollerball inserts.  Use this tool and your rollerball inserts will last and last!

Works to remove and install:

  • Dram inserts
  • 5ml rollerball bottles
  • 10ml rollerball bottles
  • 5, 10, 15ml essential oil bottles

Comes in silver color, metal, has keychain hole for portability.