2 oz Boston Amber Glass Bottle Fine Mist Spray (Qty 5)



  • Amber color provides some UV protection for light sensitive products
  • Beautiful, functional, versatile!
  • Use for aromatherapy blends, sleepytime sprays, room fresheners, boo-boo sprays, hand sanitizing spray, peppermint skin cooling sprays, spraying on skin & dogs and more!
  • Ideal for our "Horse", "Fido & Felix" pet products or "12 Sprays of Christmas" sprays!
  • Keep one in your purse, night stand, bathrooms, office, guest room!
  • Make a spray version of our rollerball blends! Simply add in essentials oils called for in the rollerball recipes, plus 1/4 C distilled water or carrier oil. "Essentially Well" adult reflexology, "Progeny's Potions" kids kit, "Essential Perfumes" or "Rollerball Mentality" mood management kit.


  • Specs: Amber Glass Boston Bottle, Black Plastic Fine Mist Sprayer, Clear Plastic Lid
  • Size: 4.75" height x 1.5" diameter. Holds 2 oz of liquid (60 ml).
  • Includes: amber glass boston bottle, a black fine mist sprayer and a clear cap.
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