1 oz Boston Amber PET Bottle Fine Mist Spray



  • Amber color provides some UV protection for light sensitive products
  • Beautiful, functional, versatile!
  • Ideal for applications where glass isn't ideal (bath, outdoors, bug spray, sunscreen spray, pets, travel, etc)
  • Use for aromatherapy blends, sleepytime sprays, room fresheners, boo-boo sprays, hand sanitizing spray, peppermint skin cooling sprays, spraying on skin & dogs and more!
  • Ideal for our "Horse", "Fido & Felix" pet products or "12 Sprays of Christmas" sprays!
  • Keep one in your purse, night stand, bathrooms, office, guest room!
  • Make a mini spray version of our rollerball blends! Simply add in half the essentials oils called for in the rollerball recipes, then fill to top with distilled water or carrier oil. "Essentially Well" adult reflexology, "Progeny's Potions" kids kit, "Essential Perfumes" or "Rollerball Mentality" mood management kit.
  • Recyclable
  • PET Grade 1 Plastic is safe for use with essential oils


  • Specs: Amber PET Grade 1 Boston Bottle, Black Plastic Fine Mist Sprayer, Clear Plastic Lid
  • Size: 2.7" height x 1.1" diameter. Holds 1 oz of liquid (30 ml).
  • Includes: amber PET boston bottle, a black fine mist sprayer and a clear cap.
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