1/3 oz (10 ml) Purple Glass Rollerball Bottles with Gemstone Rollers (Qty 10)



  • Perfectly accessible for essential oil therapy or aromatherapy on the go!
  • Beautiful, functional, versatile!
  • Keep one in your purse, night stand, bathroom, office, send with the kiddos to school!
  • Make it easy to use on kids and hard to reach places!
  • Very little or no waste compared to using a cotton ball or q-tip!

NOTE: Due to natural variances, the crystals you receive may look different from the pictures. Also the gemstones may take a few rolls to get moving as they need to get lubricated all around.



  • Includes: 10 Purple Glass Bottles, 10 Gemstone Rollers, 10 Black Plastic Lids
  • The 10 Gemstone Rollerball Inserts are: Amethyst, Blue lace agate, Carnelian, Clear quartz, Hematite, Rainbow fluorite, Red Aventurine, Rose quartz, Sodalite, Tiger's Eye
  • Size: 3.38" height x ¾" diameter. Holds 1/3 oz of liquid (10 ml). Approx 200 drops

Use these crystals with ALL our rollerball kits!

Chakra Rollerballs
Earth Star Chakra - hematite
Root Chakra - red aventurine
Sacral Chakra - carnelian
Solar Plexus Chakra - tiger’s eye
Heart Chakra - rose quartz
Throat Chakra - blue lace agate
Brow Chakra - sodalite
Crown Chakra - amethyst
Soul Star Chakra - clear quartz
Zeal Point Chakra - rainbow fluorite

Essentially Well (adult wellness & reflexology)
Respiratory - sodalite
Throat - blue lace agate
Romance - rose quartz
Muscle - amethyst
Energy - clear quartz
Head - red aventurine
Sleep - hematite
Stomach - tiger's eye
Defense - rainbow fluorite
Seasonal - carnelian

Progeny's Potions (Kids wellness 3 mo - 12 year old)
Nose concoction - sodalite
Focus power - clear quartz
Ear magic - rose quartz
Tummy tonic - blue lace agate
Dream spell - hematite
Happy brew - tiger's eye
Grow elixir - amethyst
Head potion - red aventurine
Seasonal enchantment - carnelian
Defense sorcery - rainbow fluorite

Rollerball Mentality (adult emotions)
singing the blues - carnelian
anger management - red aventurine
ego boost - blue lace agate
stress less - hematite
calm + focused - rainbow fluorite
study session - sodalite
anxious mess - amethyst
memory loss - tiger’s eye
hormonal wreck - clear quartz
chillaxin - rose quartz

Yoga & Meditation
mindful - tiger’s eye
focus - clear quartz
clarity - blue lace agate
intention - red aventurine
present - carnelian
grounded - sodalite
uplift - hematite
tranquil - rainbow fluorite
align - rose quartz
be still - amethyst

Soul Blend

These bottles work best with Essential Oils diluted with at least 50% carrier oil.

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