We love it when industry professionals showcase and support our products! We've worked hard to create a wide range of essential oil tools by carefully selecting whom we collaborate with and staying current on industry safe usage guidelines. We hope you find our products both fun and educational while feeling safe using them on all members of your family.
Featured in the "doTERRA Empowered Life Series", here Tracy Lyman, doTERRA Blue Diamond, talks about how much she loves our Our "Essential Perfumes" recipe blends.
"Essential Perfumes" items showcased during a training by
Hayley Hobson, doTERRA Double Presidential Diamond (highest rank).

Hayley Hobson Training
Certified Aromatherapist & Master Blender, Dennis Schleicher and Beth Caruso, RN
showcasing our "12 Sprays of Christmas" and "Fido & Felix" items on Windsor TV.
Windsor TV
Windsor TV
If you are an industry professional that endorses and uses EO Tools products, we'd love to showcase you!
Please email us at for more information!
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