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    The “Essentially Well” line of products is targeted for adult use with or without foot reflexology points (chart included). Recipes and labels indicate application instructions for BOTH local and reflexology points on foot.

    Recipes were developed with Certified Reflexologist & Aromatherapist, Aimee Budd. All recipes listed are intended for adults with a 3% dilution ratio as recommended by top Certified Aromatherapists throughout the world for occasional or short-term adult use.  


    • If you're not holding an "Essentially Well" Make & Take Workshop event and want a small version to make for yourself, consider purchasing a small DIY Kit that includes a recipe sheet, label sheet and the bottles you need to make all the blends.
    • Make a spray version of the kit using the 2 oz Fine Mist Spray Bottles and "Essentially Well" Labels. Simply add essential oils to spray bottle then add 1/4 C distilled water in the bottle.
    • Make up mini rollerballs by using the recipes and putting them in small travel-sized rollerball bottles. Top with matching “Essentially Well” Lid Stickers.
    • Give your child the benefits all day long! Simply remove the rollerball and using a pipette, add a few drops of the blend to your child’s wearable diffuser jewelry so they can enjoy the benefits wherever they go!


    • Towards the end of your teaching segment on essential oils, offer those that are purchasing an enrollment kit one free recipe of their choice.
    • Setup a different class each week and charge accordingly. EX: Week 1 you ONLY do “Throat” recipe. Determine your rate for that specific recipe and let people know ahead of time what you’ll be making and the cost. Week 2 is “Stomach”, etc. You can also offer those that enroll get one free.
    • Gift a kit to your downline to encourage them to host a class!
    • Make up the entire kit and offer it as a free incentive with a large enrollment kit purchase!


    • Buy Bulk - even better, buy when they are on sale!
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    • Reuse pipettes and funnels! Simply mix vinegar and water together and let them sit for 30 minutes and rinse.
    • Buy your oils when they are on sale or when they are the POM and stock up!
    • Once you have the Kit, you can save money by purchasing the labels, recipes and invites separately rather than purchasing the entire Kit again.

    ANY interaction you have with people new to essential oils, it is your duty to share the benefits as well as proper safety precautions to ensure they have a positive experience with essential oils. Just because they are natural doesn't mean they are safe! ALWAYS promote research PRIOR to using any essential oils.


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