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Top 10 Reasons to Make your own Lip Balms

DIY essential oils kissable me

Kissable Me Lip BalmsHomemade Lip Balms are both useful and offer many benefits! Let's look at all the great reasons to make your own instead of buying store bought:

Top 10 Reasons to Make your own Lip Balms:
  1. Inexpensive
  2. All Natural ingredients
  3. Aromatherapeutic benefits
  4. Easy to make
  5. Customize to your liking - make your own custom "flavor"
  6. No potentially hazardous synthetic chemicals (mostly petrochemicals)
  7. They make great gifts
  8. Natural UV protection
  9. Unleash your inner "mad scientist"
  10. Your lips will be protected and hydrated

Why do you make your own lip balms?

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