Mini Portable Rollerball Perfume Love

Mini portable perfumes

Form meets function in a fun little package! With our "Essential Perfumes" products you can whip up mini versions of our popular 10ml rollerball size in no time! Use these cuties for travel, trial sizes, freebies or make as gifts for Mother's Day, Father's Day or your sweetheart!

For these great mini portable essential oils, we used the following items:

There are 10 beautiful scents to choose from:

  • bliss - a floral oriental blend
  • harmony - fruit & citrus blend
  • love - a floral, rosey blend
  • peace - an aquatic, earthly blend (unisex)
  • pure - green, fresh, citrus blend (unisex)
  • rebel - musky blend (unisex)
  • terra - woody, earthy blend (unisex)
  • secret - a soft, powdery floral blend
  • strong - woody blend (unisex)
  • urban - soft, chic, citrusy blend (unisex)

Simply follow the recipes by adding your own carrier oil and essential oils. Viola!

Essential Oil Perfumes

Anthony Crossley

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