How to use the Lip Balm Filling Tray

The Lip Balm Filling Tray makes filling lip balm tubes fast, easy and professional looking with very little cleanup.

  1. Put on sanitary gloves.
  2. Turn the filling tray upside down on a clean surface.
  3. Remove lids from lip balm tubes and insert into filling tray
  4. Fill remaining empty spots with lip balm tubes inserted from the top to prevent seepage onto table
  5. Make mixture according to directions on recipe.
  6. Pour heated liquid lip balm mixture into tubes until they are full.
  7. Allow to cool. Scrape hardened mixture off top with a spatula to remove. You can scrape this back into your double boiler and reheat and add to other balms or save in a bag for next time.
  8. Remove tube and use spatula to scrape and level off any that is above top of tube. Use gloved finger to smooth top.
  9. Wipe any mixture that may have gotten out outside of tube.
  10. Adhere label and apply cap. Viola! Done!
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