Anxious Mess Rollerball MentalityI remember when I first got my oils, I tried using cotton balls and q-tips to apply the oils and ended up throwing a lot of oil in the trash. Ugh! I wasted so much of my precious essential oils, but I knew there was a better way!

Rollerballs are so functional and efficiently spread the oils with little to no waste. You can mix your EO's with carrier oils and simply apply! You can throw them in a purse, gym bag or your child's backpack and go.

Here are some really great ways to get you rolling with rollerballs!

  • applying nighttime serums
  • spot treating age spots, scars
  • rolling a night time blend on your kiddo's feet
  • rolling over overworked muscles
  • applying deodorant
  • putting on your favorite EO fragrance blend
  • applying on stomach when feeling unwell
  • roll on your dogs pads
  • mood management
  • apply a morning blend to wrists to wake up
  • put on chest when congested
  • apply to temples for head tension

**Anxious Mess and Memory Loss are two of the great Blends offered in our "Rollerball Mentality Make & Take Kit".

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Got a great way to use rollerballs that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!



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