Great Uses for a 2 oz Spray Bottle

Creative uses for 2 oz spray bottles using essential oils

There are so many cool ways to use Essential Oils in our 2 oz Fine Mist Glass Spray Bottles. Here are a few we came up with!

  1. Room Spray - great for in bathroom or eliminating burned dinner smell (I use this one A LOT!)
  2. Linen Spray
  3. Face Hydrator - add 5-6 drops of Melissa to 1/4 C distilled water
  4. Cooling Spray - add 5-6 drops of Peppermint to 1/4 C distilled water to cool down pets, kids, hot flashes
  5. Bug be Gone Spray - to spray on exposed skin, around windows, doors, etc
  6. Holiday Spray
  7. Boo-Boo Spray
  8. Surface Disinfectant - spray on yoga mat, workout equipment, student desks
  9. Diaper Rash Spray
  10. Sunburn Spray
  11. Disgusting Spray - spray on trash cans, diaper pails, range hood, stinky stinkers, etc
  12. Keep Bugs out of the House
  13. Hand Sanitizer
  14. Chafing Spray
  15. Travel sized cleaner & disinfectant - great for a camper, fishing boat, hiking trip to spray on picnic tables, etc
  16. Perfume or Cologne
  17. Study Spray - spray on wrist or chest before school or homework time

How do you use essential oils in your 2 oz spray bottle??

Anthony Crossley

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