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12 Sprays of Christmas Insider Tips

12 Sprays of Christmas insider tips Make & Take

“It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas!”

Here are some great tips from us and others on how to have a successful "12 Sprays of Christmas" workshop and great guest experience!


  • Towards the end of your teaching segment on essential oils, offer those that are purchasing an enrollment kit, one free recipe of their choice.
  • Setup a different class each week doing a countdown to Christmas and charge accordingly. EX: Week 1 you only do "Gifts of the Magi" recipe. Determine your rate for that specific recipe and let people know ahead of time what you'll be making and the cost. Week 2 is "Dashing Through the Pines", etc. You can also offer those that enroll get one free.
  • Use the “Holiday Essentials” Tear Sheet that comes with 25 sheets chock full of information as a handout for your class.
  • Gift a kit to your downline to encourage them to host a class!
  • Make up the entire kit and offer it as a free incentive with a large enrollment kit purchase!


  • For maximum attendance at your event, personally hand out the invitations 1-2 weeks prior to your event. A day prior to the event, be sure to call, email or text a reminder of the date and time to all those invited to get a final head count.
  • Squeeze bottles are perfect for dispensing the distilled water into the spray bottles.
  • It‘s always a good idea to have additional materials on hand for a successful workshop. (see “Materials Not Included” below)
  • Have cotton balls out for guests to spray scent into and sample.
  • To offset your costs, have extra supplies (spray bottles, labels, lid stickers, etc) available for your guests to purchase.


  • If you're not holding a class and want a small version to make for yourself, consider purchasing a small DIY Kit that includes a recipe sheet, label sheet and the bottles you need to make all the blends.
  • Make diffuser bombs by simply putting the oils only into 1/4 drams. Add a “12 Sprays of Christmas” Lid Sticker to the top to know what’s inside. When you're ready to diffuse, simply pour it into your diffuser along with water for instant holiday cheer!
  • Make up the entire kit and sell them at a flea market or craft fair.
  • Donate them to those less fortunate, group homes, nursing homes, etc.

Turn your event space into a festive winter wonderland!

  • Turn on holiday songs.
  • Turn the TV onto the fireplace scene.
  • Soak the ends of wood stir sticks in a few drops of Cinnamon and serve with warm cider.
  • Have Peppermint or Cinnamon out for guests to add into their hot cocoa.
  • Deck the halls with Christmas décor.


  • Buy Bulk - even better, buy when they are on sale!
  • Subscribe to our enewsletter (at the bottom of each page) so you can buy items - including kits - when they're on sale!
  • Reuse pipettes and funnels! Simply mix vinegar and water together and let them sit for 30 minutes and rinse.
  • Buy your oils when they are on sale or when they are the POM and stock up!
  • Photocopy the Recipe Sheet as needed!


  • You can add in 1 tsp of Denatured Alcohol or Vodka (can be the cheap kind) to help suspend the scent longer in the air.
  • Be sure to use Distilled Water. Why? Most tap water has fluoride, chlorine and other minerals and/or chemicals that aren't in distilled water. These additives mix with the essential oils, and can produce undesired results when diffusing or using with sprays.


Hosting a "12 Sprays of Christmas" Make & Take Class? We're here to help you have a successful class! We have tips, event description, powerpoint presentation, images, supporting link resources and much more!

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  • MIssy on

    Love this kit! What size spray bottle are these recipes for? 2oz? 4 oz?

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