“Luxury never smelled so divine!"

Opulent semi-precious gemstones and crystals carefully selected and offered in a convenient Make & Take Workshop format. Host an Aroma Bracelet workshop and watch your essential oil sales grow!

Designs for women, men and kids!


  • Be sure to purchase the Elastic Cord Glue. This will secure your knot on your bracelet to ensure it is enjoyed for many years.
  • The proper way to enjoy your Aroma Bracelet and protect precious components, add a drop of essential oil onto your fingers, then rub into the lava beads. Many times people will drop oils onto their bracelet and this can wear down the elastic or cause the oils to drip. This is generally not good practice with any diffuser jewelry.
  • Before guests arrive, be sure to view the knot tying video to play during the workshop at: bit.ly/aromabracelet
  • To make 1 set of the Amazonite 5 Bracelet Collection, you'd need: 40 Howlite, 22 Lava, 16 Hematite, 14 Crystal Quartz, 18 Amazonite. The Amazonite Kit comes with 44 of each.
  • To make 1 set of the Amethyst 5 Bracelet Collection, you'd need: 28 Howlite, 26 Lava, 14 Hematite, 14 Crystal Quartz, 28 Amethyst. The Amethyst Kit comes with 44 of each.


  • Download free invitations, bracelet images, workshop description, and view the knot tying video to play during the workshop at: bit.ly/aromabracelet
  • For maximum attendance at your event, personally hand out the invitations 1-2 weeks prior to your event. A day prior to the event, be sure to call, email or text a reminder of the date and time to all those invited to get a final head count.
  • For kids, use approximately 19 beads, depending on age and wrist size.
  • For men, use approximately 24 or more beads depending on wrist size.
  • It’s always a good idea to have additional materials on hand for a successful workshop. (see “Materials Not Included” below).
  • You can always get more items à la carte once your supplies run out or to diversify your classes, including: different colored gemstones, additional charms and more elastic cording.
  • To offset your costs, have extra supplies (beads, charms, elastic cording, etc) available for your guests to purchase.


  • Towards the end of your teaching segment on essential oils, offer those that are purchasing an enrollment kit one free bracelet of their choice.
  • Setup a different class each week and charge accordingly. EX: Week 1 you do one design or kids bracelets. Week 2 is a different design, bracelets for men, etc. You can also offer those that enroll get one bracelet free. Keep in mind you may need to purchase more beads when offering this format.
  • Gift a kit to your downline to encourage them to host a class!
  • Make up the entire kit and offer it as a free incentive with a large enrollment kit purchase!


  • Buy Bulk - even better, buy when they are on sale!
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  • Buy your oils when they are on sale or when they are the POM and stock up!
  • Once you have the Kit, you can save money by purchasing cording, guest instructions, beads and charms separately rather than purchasing the entire Kit again.



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