We love essential oils! What we love even more and have a true passion for, is creating tools that help others use their essential oils in a variety of ways. We do this by creating kits and accessories that allow individual users and business builders to explore and harness the myriad possibilities that exist within essential oils.

So, onto the reasons we rock at what we do:

1. Proper Dilution Ratios are used throughout all our essential oil Make & Take Workshop Kits, Recipes, Tear Sheet Pads and DIY Kits. We follow proper dilution ratios in all our recipes according to leading Certified Aromatherapists throughout the world so you're not risking safety. [Read more]

2. Safety: Don't risk sensitization, phototoxicity or other reactions by using excessive amounts of oils. A little bit goes a long way and it's best to err on the side of caution. [Read more]

3. Professional Collaborations: We seek out only the best in the industry to collaborate with on our products! Simply wipe it off and your label will still look brand new.

  • Dr. Robin Fawcett, is an American GP practicing in the UK. She has an MD from Duke University and an MA in History of Medicine from University College, London. Her clinical interests are preventative and integrative medicine and child well-being. Recently she was selected by TEDx to discuss the National Healthcare System in the UK. Dr. Fawcett helped develop the Baby Bottles line.
  • Dr. Janet Roark, DVM is an EO user and Veterinarian who helped develop the Horse and Fido & Felix lines of products.
  • Dr. Susan Lawton helped with the Mood Management & Soul Blend products.
  • Dr. Kara Hanks, Doctorate in Natural Health, Registered Nurse, Shamanic Healer and Spiritual Master helped develop our Chakra products.
  • Certified Aromatherapist & Reflexologist, Aimee Budd helped develop recipes and tear sheet information for Rollerball Mentality, Essentially Well, Rollerball Skin, Body Balms and Progeny's Potions.

4. Affordability: Besides our kits being $5 less than our competitors, our recipes don't call for crazy amounts of essential oils. For example, our adult wellness ("Essentially Well") recipe blends call for a max of 6 drops per recipe. This equals an approximate cost of $6.90 to make all 10 blends; when our competitors kit costs over $33! Now imagine supplying oils for 10 guests to make all 10 blends - you'd be out over $330! Simply put: it's cost prohibitive to expect hosts or oil users to provide 30 or more drops PER RECIPE to guests. That adds up fast and depletes your essential oil supply unnecessarily.

5. Waterproof, Smudgeproof and Forgiving labels: It doesn't matter if oil gets on these labels! Simply wipe it off and your label will still look brand new thanks to a special coating on the labels. Also, if you put the label on crooked, simply peel it off and reapply.

6. Well-Researched: Michelle has a Bachelor's Degree in education and loves researching and learning about oils and sharing that knowledge through recipes, instructions and lots of free information. No Pinterest recipes here!

7. Freebies! No one else gives you so many tools for your Make & Take classes! Powerpoint presentations, class descriptions, DIY invitations, product photos, supplemental handouts and much more... for free!

8. Award-Winning Designer: Michelle Crossley has an Associates Degree in Graphic Design, has taught college design, and won several design awards. Prior to owning EO Tools, she ran a successful design business with clients all over the world. Often, her designs are confused with top essential oil companies!

9. Brand Neutral: "Our Kits + Your Oils" means you can use your brand of oils with any our kits. No matter what essential oil brand you use, you can use our kits.

10. Variety: we have a variety of kits that appeal to a wide demographic. Some are Make & Take Kits (for those holding multi-person events that includes multiple label sheets, recipe sheets, etc) and some available in DIY Kits (for those do-it-yourselfers that want their own personal kit that includes 1 label sheet, 1 recipe sheet and bottles).