“It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas!”

Here are some great tips from us and others on how to have a successful "12 Sprays of Christmas" workshop and great guest experience!


We all know from basic chemistry that water and oil don't mix or solubilize. We wanted to address what to add to your "12 Sprays of Christmas" room sprays to enjoy them for the season. It is ideal for any water-based and essential oil spray to address the following 3 factors:

  1. Suspension - this keeps the spray in the air longer
  2. Soluble - this keeps the chemicals combined in a solution, so they don't separate.
  3. Preservative - inhibits microbial growth.

For a 2 oz spray, keep the main ratios at approximately 75% [distilled] water and 25% ethanol. To help suspend the scent longer in the air, keep it soluble and inhibit growth in the solution, we recommend the following:

  • Add in 1 Tbsp of Vodka that is at least 151 proof and high enough in ethanol Everclear® 190 proof Vodka is best. Read more on this here.
  • Special Denatured Alcohol (SDA) can also be used in place of Vodka, but is harder to come by.  
  • Be sure to use Distilled Water. Most tap water has fluoride, chlorine and other trace minerals and/or chemicals that aren't in distilled water. These additives mix with the essential oils, and can produce undesired results when diffusing or using in sprays. Therefore, we DO NOT recommend using tap water.

We DO NOT recommend using Witch Hazel as this is another water-based medium that can change the scent of the entire blend and won't inhibit bacterial growth.

We DO NOT recommend using Salt, as this is only a preservative and will do nothing to help keep the blend mixed or suspend the scent.



  • Towards the end of your teaching segment on essential oils, offer those that are purchasing an enrollment kit, one free recipe of their choice.
  • Setup a different class each week doing a countdown to Christmas and charge accordingly. EX: Week 1 you only do "Gifts of the Magi" recipe. Determine your rate for that specific recipe and let people know ahead of time what you'll be making and the cost. Week 2 is "Dashing Through the Pines", etc. You can also offer those that enroll get one free.
  • Use the “Holiday Essentials” Tear Sheet that comes with 25 sheets chock full of information as a handout for your class.
  • Gift a kit to your downline to encourage them to host a class!
  • Make up the entire kit and offer it as a free incentive with a large enrollment kit purchase!


  • For maximum attendance at your event, personally hand out the invitations 1-2 weeks prior to your event. A day prior to the event, be sure to call, email or text a reminder of the date and time to all those invited to get a final head count.
  • Squeeze bottles are perfect for dispensing the distilled water into the spray bottles.
  • It‘s always a good idea to have additional materials on hand for a successful workshop. (see “Materials Not Included” below)
  • Have cotton balls out for guests to spray scent into and sample.
  • To offset your costs, have extra supplies (spray bottles, labels, lid stickers, etc) available for your guests to purchase.


  • If you're not holding a class and want a small version to make for yourself, consider purchasing a small DIY Kit that includes a recipe sheet, label sheet and the bottles you need to make all the blends.
  • Make diffuser bombs by simply putting the oils only into 1/4 drams. Add a “12 Sprays of Christmas” Lid Sticker to the top to know what’s inside. When you're ready to diffuse, simply pour it into your diffuser along with water for instant holiday cheer!
  • Make up the entire kit and sell them at a flea market or craft fair.
  • Donate them to those less fortunate, group homes, nursing homes, etc.

Turn your event space into a festive winter wonderland!

  • Turn on holiday songs.
  • Turn the TV onto the fireplace scene.
  • Soak the ends of wood stir sticks in a few drops of Cinnamon and serve with warm cider.
  • Have Peppermint or Cinnamon out for guests to add into their hot cocoa.
  • Deck the halls with Christmas décor.


  • Buy Bulk - even better, buy when they are on sale!
  • Subscribe to our enewsletter (at the bottom of each page) so you can buy items - including kits - when they're on sale!
  • Reuse pipettes and funnels! Simply mix vinegar and water together and let them sit for 30 minutes and rinse.
  • Buy your oils when they are on sale or when they are the POM and stock up!



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